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You can download the Shutterfly Mac Photos Extension , which will add Shutterfly to your share button in the Photos app. If you want to email your photos, open the Photos app, click on the share button near the top right corner, and select "Email". I uploaded Shutterfly Mac Extension and checked it in the extension list, but when I click the share button, shutterfly is not an option to select.

Using Photos with El Capitan.


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The information saved includes:.

How To Upload Pictures To Shutterfly From Mac

If a given image is exported to Shutterfly more than once, the metadata reflects the status of the most recent export. Some basic metadata maintenance can be performed using the "Shutterfly Upload Metadata The following are highlights of the major changes and bug fixes made since the previous version.

How To Upload Pictures to Shutterfly

Refer to the change log file packaged with the plug-in for additional information. Design by Shutterfly Upload Help. Getting Started Overview This plug-in allows you to export images from Adobe's Photoshop Lightroom directly into your Shutterfly account. Compatibility This plug-in was developed and tested on Windows, but should work fine on a Mac please let me know if that's not the case!

Terms of Use. Installation and Configuration Installation In brief, installation of the plug-in is as easy as downloading the plug-in "zip" archive, unpacking it to a location of your choice, then telling Lightroom where it lives. Here's the detailed version: Download the plug-in as a zip file. Unzip the contents of the zip file to a location of your choice. Be sure that the internal folder structure is preserved the plug-in contents should all be inside of a folder that ends with ". Check your zip tool documentation to see what you need to do. Click the "Add" button, locate the directory that you unzipped, above it will end with ".

You may be prompted to update your catalog if this is the first time that you've installed Shutterfly Upload. Press "Update Catalog". Note: depending upon the version of Lightroom you're running, you may see a slightly different confirmation dialog than what's pictured below. Shutterfly Upload saves information about your uploads in your catalog.

Plug-in Manager plug-in list.


Global settings available in the Plug-in Manager. Reload plug-in after updates or changing options. Select Shutterfly Upload from your list of installed plug-ins. Select the account to use from the list.

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Enter your Shutterfly user ID and password. Select your target Shutterfly album.

How to Upload Pictures Onto a Mac

Drag-and-drop on Shutterfly to reorder folders or albums. Choose what to do when your export finishes. Experiment with quality to get an acceptable tradeoff. A larger quality setting is not always better! Don't resize or sharpen now for more options later. Click to create your first publish service! Create additional publish services. Published Collection Publish a Collection Add photos to be published by dragging-and-dropping them in your published collection. When you select a published collection, the images it contains will be displayed, organized in the following categories: New Photos To Publish Photos that have not been exported to Shutterfly yet.

Published Photos Photos that have not been changed since they were exported to Shutterfly.

Step 1: Go to Shutterfly.com

Modified Photos To Republish Photos that have been edited since they were last exported to Shutterfly. Deleted Photos To Remove Photos that you have asked Lightroom to remove from the published collection. Select your collections and press "Publish"! A published collection's context menu will let you create a new one, too! Create a new published collection. It will be named to match your album.

Edit published collection to change the name or associated Shutterfly album. Metadata Overview When you export images to Shutterfly, the plug-in adds information to the Lightroom catalog for those images that is visible in the Lightroom metadata panel and can be used as a filter for creating Smart Collections, or for searches. The information saved includes: the upload status, the Shutterfly user ID active at the time of upload, the Shutterfly folder and album names the photo was uploaded to, and the upload date and time.

Do some minor maintenance of Shutterfly Upload metadata. What's New Changes Since V1. New Features Publish Service support Seamless sign-in optional Shutterfly folder support "Help" integration to the Plug-in Extras section of Lightroom's main "Help" menu "Help" links on various UI dialogs New plug-in configuration options via plug-in manager dialog Changed Features If a password has been stored for a user ID, it will be used automatically for any export or publishing operations that use that ID including exports initiated via a preset.

Passwords saved with presets created by prior versions of the plug-in will not be recognized. Please utilize the new password storage facility, or enable seamless sign-in, and update your presets. During export or publishing operations, the account login status will be left the way that it was found, e. The "Visit Shutterfly" export post-processing action now opens your browser to the export target album. Prior versions of the plug-in opened to the album list of whatever Shutterfly account the browser may have been logged in to.

Discover New Mac Apps. Categories Desktop Apps For You. Sign in Create account. Apps For You. Shutterfly Mac Photos Extension. Shutterfly Mac Photos Extension 1. Easy upload of photos from Apple Photos to Shutterfly. Launch Photos.