Mac dre lots of paper

Can't No Nigga. Get Stupid.

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Since ' Miss You. First Time I Seen Her.

Dollalalala Lotsa Paypa Lyrics by Mac Dre

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Mac dre lots of paper

Too Hard For The Radio. Dollalalala lots of paper [Verse 3: Sauce] When my money gets low I don't kick in the door I just pick up a ho and make her get with the flow Give her the script that I want her to play And bout a day or two, fuck the dick game Now she wants to pay her dues Show her what these players do, down in Vegas Air force nikes, we dont need no gators benz and we're riding scrapers And any old hater catch shock from the blazer Dollalalala lots of paper, lots of cake to Open up shop, get a?? Unclear You gots to pay us, so I'm also unclear So if I dont see you working, and your splurging, then its hurting I gotta be perking when im on the strip Make a bitch give dome and stay on the trick And im known to dip, from frisco to vegas Dollalalala lots of paper Dollalalala lots of paper x3 Put your heels on the strip see what you make us Dollalalala lots of paper x3 Put your heels on the strip see what you make us Dollalalala lots of paper Dollalalala lots of paper x2.

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Dollalalala lots of paper I need a beat baby What you need to do is turn She a cheap paper? Black buck rogers Mac Dre. California bear Mac Dre. Lyrics of Early retirement Mac Dre. Err thang Mac Dre.

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Fire Mac Dre. First time i seen her Mac Dre. Lyrics of Fresno county jail Mac Dre. Get stupid Mac Dre.