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It may damage ecosystems and marine animals, contaminate our food supply, and lead to chemical leaching. Estimates of the time it takes to degrade plastic range from hundreds to thousands of years - and because plastic has only been around for years, there hasn't been enough time to observe the process, says Darby Hoover, senior resource specialist at Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental group.


Meanwhile, plastic waste keeps on growing with more people and more consumption, the report authors wrote. Last year, one study in the journal PLOS estimated that a minimum of 5. This estimate included only surface plastics, and not the materials that have sunk.

The solutions have to be both local and global, Jambeck said. Of course, don't litter and prioritize using reusables," Hoover said. In , China banned free plastic bags and five years later, banned the import of poorly sorted recyclables from other countries including the U. There are some successful models, said Woodring. For example, Taiwan places a surcharge on plastics sold on a company level and it pays for the sorting, capturing, cleaning and recycling.

However, some countries lack infrastructure for waste management and recycling. Madison Park, Hong Kong. The average elevation is 19 metres 62 ft above sea level. The city covers an area of 2, km2 sq mi or 0.

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Ho Chi Minh City Vietnamese: It was once known as Prey Nokor, an important Khmer sea port prior to annexation by the Vietnamese in the 17th century. Under the name Saigon, it was the capital of the French colony of Cochinchina and later of the independent republic of South Vietnam — Ho Chi Minh City is the economic center of Vietnam and accounts for a large proportion of the economy of Vietnam. Although the city takes up just 0. In , the city had 4,, laborers, of whom , are over the labor age norm in Vietnam, 60 for male and 55 for female workers.

While most of the inhabitants live in the city center, the others live in the four wards, extending from Suoi Nuoc beach in the northeast to the Ke Ga lighthouse in the southwest. Drawn by the beautiful beaches of the area, tourism is rapidly replacing the fish industry as the main employer. The first resorts along the beaches of Hung Long and Phu Thuy wards, as well as Phu Hai and Ham Tien wards east of the city center appeared in the mid-nineties. Since then, tourism has boomed and hundreds of hotels, restaurants, resorts, guesthouses and shops have been constructed along the coastline.

Rang Beach in Ham Tien ward was discovered by foreigners in , while they watched the solar eclipse. Each area of Phan Thiet has its own characteristics. The beaches of Ke Ga and Tien Thanh are peaceful and quiet, inviting tourists to swim and relax. There is not much traffic on the roads along the coastline, so walking or riding along the beach is quite peaceful. Compared to Nha Trang, the density of resorts along the beaches of the city center in Phan Thiet is quite low, so when tourists leave their hotels, they step into the middle of the bustling daily life of a Vietnamese city. You can walk to many restaurants, museums or shopping malls - even visit the school where Ho Chi Minh taught before he went to study in Paris.

Phu Hai ward covers a hilly area along the coastline and has many small beaches and hidden coves. Many of the resorts in this ward are built above the water on the hills and have a small beach to themselves. Sea Links City, composed of a hotel, condos, apartments, a winery and a golf course is located here.

Phan Thiet is famous for this immense sandy hillock and passionate beaches. Not many people know about the existence of such a beautiful stream - you do now, because you've read this. Suoi Tien is a small water gap running at the side of Hon Rom and is obscured by sandy dunes. The very first impression of Suoi Tien is the water color, which is dark red because of the red sand and yellow clay. Winds and rain have eroded the sand stones, carving different shapes and sizes from the sedimentary rock.

One side of the stream is a colorful sand hillock and the other is lines of aquatic plants. The stream is very shallow, with the deepest spot only 30 centimeters. In style, they exhibit the influence of pre-Angkorian Cambodia.

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Alongside the 10 kilometer strip of Rang Beach in Ham Tien ward, you will find a lively tourist strip. Hundreds of resorts, hotels, bars, restaurants, shops, and spas are situated here. The downside is the advanced erosion of the beach, some resorts meanwhile lack a beach at high tide, when the water directly reaches the sea wall. One of the great tourist attractions of Ham Tien is the so-called Fairy Stream, where a small stream has carved a canyon through the dunes, revealing colorful layers of sand. Beyond Ham Tien you find Mui Ne, consisting of two communities, adding up to around 25, residents in the actual town and two beaches.

The second community is Hon Rom, a real fishing village with a few hundred residents. Mui Ne has the highest population outside the city center and is quite lively in the morning. The town itself covers the west side of the cape, whereas many resorts are alongside Ganh Beach and Suoi Nuoc. A resort in Mui Ne ward is the right decision for people who want to be close to a local community, but keep their distance to the bustling tourist strip and rather prefer a quiet beach. Another tourist attraction are the orange sand dunes, located on a hill between Mui Ne and Hon Rom.

The larger white dunes are around 23 kilometers north of the town. Phan Thiet operators usually make a distinction between winter and summer seasons. During winter, mostly Northern Europeans and Russians spend their holidays here, far away from the northern chill, to enjoy kite and windsurfing. In summer season, Phan Thiet is a popular destination for Australians and North Americans, as well as many Vietnamese escaping the steaming hot cities for a fresh breeze of sea wind.

By drawing attention to the problems they are facing, local people will begin to think about their waste and how they dispose of it. Local authorities might then pay more attention to recycling and other ocean cleanup initiatives. Of equal importance is that internationally recognized boundaries are respected by neighboring countries, regardless of size. Disputes should be arbitrated by an international body on application by any party who feels aggrieved. Beauty Pageant. Key People. Miss Universe. New York City. Paula Shugart.

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