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I am going to have to pull it apart to upgrage the RAM and processor and would like to do it all in one shot if I need to add the Crystal HD instead of two tear downs and twice the chance to break something. Aaron- thanks for the info, Wifi loss wouldnt be a big deal since it is next to the router so I can jack it in anyway. I was planning to for speed anyway. What do I need to look for when trying to find a Crystal HD card?

Posts: Joined: May Reputation: 9. I thought I read some where that crystal hd support is getting dropped with Kodi. Posts: 2 Joined: Oct Reputation: 0. I run my Mini 2. Posts: 2, Joined: Sep Reputation: Yep, correct. Ned Scott Banned. Ned Scott Banned Posts: 31, However, I don't think you'll need it with the 2. From the benchmark scores, it looks like it should have enough power for and even , at least without deinterlacing most content won't need deinterlacing. Website Find. DBMandrake Fan. Posts: Joined: Feb Reputation: DBMandrake Fan Posts: Lots of negative comments here from people that obviously haven't tried one I have a 1.

Unless you fit a Crystal HD card you will only get software decoding - I was thinking about getting one but had never really found a need for it, and now that I see support has been dropped in Kodi I won't bother Software decoding will play all p content perfectly in my experience - I've never come across any p content that doesn't play perfectly in XBMC.

I haven't experimented to see where the cut-off point is, but it's somewhere between 15 and 40Mbps. To be fair a lot of low powered hardware decoded XBMC platforms will struggle with full bitrate blu-ray rips too, but usually due to network performance issues when streaming across a network. Upgrading the processor to 2.

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So is it high enough spec to play all p perfectly? No, however it's still a big upgrade from an Apple TV2 - remember the AppleTV 2 is only p and can't output p anyway. Not really an issue if your sound is going to an AV receiver anyway The only trouble I've ever really run into is that 1GB of ram is marginal, especially if you try to run torrent clients and so forth in the background.

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Anything later just consumes more resources Lion requires a minimum of 2GB ram to even install and introduces some minor compatibility issues. A linux based distro like OpenElec may also work but I haven't tried it. PS where did you get the 2.

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Mac Specs: evtedenhosump.cf

Kodi I decided to experiment to see what it's limits are. At 30Mbps its dropping a few frames here and there and by 40Mbps it is dropping a lot. The interesting thing is that the CPU cores are nowhere near saturated at the point that it's no longer coping?

Can any devs comment on whether this is a bug or whether it has always been a singled threaded software video decode that can't utilise multiple cores? It seems to me that if the video decode was multi-threaded it would be able to play much higher bitrates files possibly full blu-ray bitrate even on even this modest hardware It's just been pointed out to me in another thread that multi-threaded software decoding exists but is not turned on by default!!

The performance gain is substantial - without it this Mac can comfortably manage 25Mbps without dropping frames but starts to drop frames at 30Mbps, with it enabled in Gotham it is comfortably managing 45Mbps without dropping any frames and can almost manage 50Mbps with just the occasional dropped frame.

Apple Mac mini MB138LL/A (1.83 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 1 GB RAM

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Apr 4, 2 0. Hi, I have been given a 1. Firstly I am looking to upgrade this machine to run with a GB hard drive and I would like to upgrade to use Lion so I can run photostream. Any advice please, will all this work and worth my while?

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Also If you can provide me any further details on what else to get will help greatly. Also any tips on how to get Lion working on this setup would be fantastic. Thanks again. Dec 17, 3, Dec 27, 4, Phoenix, AZ.

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Oct 29, Nov 19, Birmingham, UK. Even if you could upgrade the processor, I'm assuming that the installer will check what kind of machine it is and say something along the lines of 'sorry, you need a newer Mac' pac.

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Thanks Hi, thanks for your comments. They have been a great help. I intend to use the mac mini as a home computer to play films through my tv and will hold all my music and photos.