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This agent gathers credentials for a service, securely passes them to remote systems, and then quits once the connection betwen the server and a client program such as "Screen Sharing" is established. The process is then ready to authenticate additional connections.

When authentication hangs it is usually this process that is not working properly, instead of the Finder or other service-specific programs such as "Screen Sharing," and as a result the agent will need to be forced to quit to fix the problem. To do this, launch Activity Monitor and locate the process called "NetAuthAgent," which will likely be using a minimal amount of CPU and will be one of the current users's processes it will have the current username listed next to it.

The process may or may not be colored red, but regardless of its status in Activity Monitor, select it and click the "Quit Process" button at the top of the Activity Monitor window. When you do this the hung authentication window will disappear and you should then be able to establish new connections and try the connection again.

Have a fix? Post them below or e-mail us! Mobile World Congress Get complete coverage from the world's biggest phone show. Have you tried another VNC client. I use RealVNC and with the sharing preferences set as you have stated yours are I am able to gain access without issue.

You might go back to the Sharing System preferences and go to the advanced button and reinput the password. It's possible that you have made an error. I don't think that OS X itself has any requirements on the password. I have a server that has an older version of VNC on it that connects to my Mac just fine.

I went to another box with a newer version and was unable to get connected The fix for this was to open the Options button on the VNC client screen and uncheck the Auto check box on the encoding option. Once that was done and I had to specify an encoding type Doesn't seem to make a difference which one I was able to connect. I'd also check out any third-party firewalls that you are running on your PC to see if that might be messing with the connection. I have firewalls at boths ends disabled.

When you set the Screen Sharing password on the Mac, does it prompt you for administrative credentials in order to make the change? If so and since it appears that you are sure about the passwords, then I am truly out of ideas. I have two Macs in my area; one is bound to AD and the other is not. I have screen sharing set up on both exactly like yours and I am able to connect with two different versions of VNC running on two different Windows-based PCs.

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The only time I get any kind of password or authentication error is when I enter in the wrong password when trying to connect. Is that relevant to the problem?

Just wanted to make sure that you were seeing it to be sure that the VNC password is being recognized properly. Do you happen to have another Mac or PC that you could try? If not, then I don't know. You've done all of the troubleshooting and everything seems to be OK.

Mac OS VNC Authentication error

Again, the only time I have ever seen a password or authentication error is when the password is really wrong I suppose you could try reinstalling OS X, but even doing an Archive and Install is a pretty big task and I don't have any real evidence to suggest that doing a reinstall would really solve the problem.

Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter to us. I am not however using the vineserver itself. Delete the offending files. It might be possible to fix them with a text editor, but I prefer a less fussy solution: Step 4: Fire ARDAgent back up.

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You can do this by entering the following two commands:. Step 5: Reconnect to the client machine using Remote Desktop. Re-open Remote Desktop on your computer and go to the Scanner. Double-click that machine, enter your admin name and password, and your dominion over it should now be restored, all without getting out of your chair.

Screen Sharing with VNC (password-only) authentication

Wonder what else to delete to get this client alive..? I have had this happen when the local user loads up a vnc server. Removing the vnc server software does the trick. Good write up. Thank you for the post.

Here is my experience: