Sephora vs mac makeup artists

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You see something you love or something you want to try so you either get it online, or you get in stores, be it the drugstores or the mall. However, buying makeup at the mall can be a challenge for some. Why you ask? Well, M. C or Sephora? Both these companies are similar in some ways but have major differences as well.

M.A.C vs Sephora | Toronto Caribbean Newspaper

Both M. These companies not only sell makeup but also offer skin care products, brushes and fragrances as well. Although you get more variety if you shop at Sephora as they offer you more brands to try. C offers fantastic eyeshadows with great color pay off as well as their lipsticks and blushes my personal favorites. C or Sephora to get it done as they both offer skilled makeup artists to help with all your makeup needs.

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MAC Cosmetics

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Now your time to figure out what you like and don't like on you is limited. I think Sephora will do a test run if you spend a certain amount or ask the manager when booking your appointment.

Sent from my iPhone using Lipstick Alley mobile app powered by Tapatalk. I'm sorry but I rarely see girls at Sephora with bomb makeup so I can't imagine them doing a great job on mine. I say Mac. I wear more natural makeup most days and if you tell them that's what you want they can do it.

The Best Makeup Brushes

Mac for sure! I recently had a makeover with both. Although Sephora focuses more on skincare, I felt like I could have did my makeup myself. I left Mac feeling Grammy ready. And you can later return the makeup if you dont want it making the makeover. However today, I'd agree with the person who said Sephora due to the wide variety of brands. The artist will have more product options to better suit you at Sephora vs. Id saty get on Instagram and Facebook and as about the local makeup artist in the area. Look at their work first and the book. Make an appointment with a professional from a high end salon.

All depends on the makeup artists. Look up the reviews for the specific ones you're going to. Mar 21, I'm gonna go to the mall today after class and just look around and talk to a few makeup artists and see who can fit my needs the best.

Sephora Employee Reviews for Make-up Artist

The Mac at Nordstrom offers a 30 minute application where they build off your existing makeup. I'm considering that because I can really do my own foundation, and I don't want to be too orange. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet.