Checking junk mail on mac

If : The drop-down box next to If lets you pick from Any or All. Any means that any one of the conditions you configure will apply whereas All means that every one of the conditions must be met. Conditions : This is where you will choose the conditions that apply after you pick Any or All.

How to Manage Spam E-mail with Apple Mail

When you click the first drop-down box, you will see many options. So, think about the types of emails you receive that you consider to be junk mail and adjust the conditions accordingly. For instance, if you want the Mail app to check for messages that come from people not in your contacts list, choose that condition.

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Or, if you want it to look at messages not addressed to your full name, pick that one. You can add and remove conditions by using the plus and minus signs to the right of them. You would do the following:.

Apple Mac Quick Tips Junk Mail Filtering

Now this condition you created will apply to messages you receive and the actions you decide next will take place. Perform the following actions : Here you choose what to do with these junk mail messages.

Junk Mail settings

You can pick from options like moving the message, redirecting it, or deleting it. Depending on the item you choose, the next box will change. When you finish with all of your adjustments on this screen, click OK to save the configurations and return to the main Junk Mail screen.

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  • Now that you are back on the main Junk Mail screen, you can head to the exemptions area. You have three options you can check or uncheck.

    How to Disable the Junk Filter in Mail for Mac

    When any of these are marked, the messages they apply to will be exempt from junk mail filtering. So, if you want to keep it simple and remove messages from contacts, previous recipients, or those that use your full name from the filtering, just mark the checkboxes.

    Select the arrow that appears at the end of the highlighted name or email address. Select Add to Contacts from the drop-down menu to open the information in the Contacts application. This method of whitelisting protects individual email addresses, but it doesn't apply to entire domains.

    How to stop junk mail and spam in Mac Mail

    You can whitelist "sender example. Share Pin Email. An independent writer who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since Updated February 11, Select the Junk Mail tab.

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    • Optionally, check Sender of message is in my Previous Recipients as well. Close the Preferences window. Add known senders to your Contacts to prevent Mail from filtering their emails out as spam.