Mac repair disk without install cd

The Verify command may identify a problem but you'll still need to fix it, so use the Repair command so you don't need to run the problem-finding function twice.

Disk Utility will do its best to identify and repair any permissions problems that may be affecting performance. If Repair Disk Permissions has failed to improve system performance, use the Repair Disk option that's located to the right of Repair Disk Permissions. You cannot Repair the disk that is running your Mac system.

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In order to do so you'll need to enter Recovery Mode. To achieve this hold the Command and r keys while you restart your Mac.

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In the screen that appears select Disk Utility. Disk Utility will now attempt to identify and repair any problems. Once the process is finished you should restart your Mac and see if performance improves.

In the event it does not it is worth restarting your Mac in Safe Mode -- in this mode your Mac only loads those system components it needs in order to run. You can't use your Mac properly in this mode -- things like graphics or some apps won't work well or at all. Safe Mode lets you determine if your Mac works any better when it is not running third party software.

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macos - Repair corrupt hard disk on Mac without install CD - Super User

How to: 7 steps to sell your Mac. Quick guide: Troubleshooting AirPlay playback. Otherwise it's trying to fix itself, whilst running the OS and the fix actions at the same time. So feel free to use whatever media you have to initiate a repair, the Disk Utility program is available in any OS X install media, just boot from it and select from the menu.

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Disk Utility in OS X Mountain Lion

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