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If you are also troubled by this kind of slow hard drive issue, you….

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Small business backup solution to protect your PC, laptop or workstation from disaster. Windows server, exchange and SQL Server backup solution to ensure business continuity. Need easy iPhone data transfer software? Disk Copy Pro. Updated on Nov 30, by Brithny to Partition Manager. Before you take actions to delete the undeletable files, you can first try these simple tips and delete these files: Close all the programs. Restart your computer. Let the antivirus scan your computer to see if there's a virus on your computer and get rid of it.

If these files still exist, the following methods would do a favor to you. Method 1. Method 2.

If you can't empty the Trash on your Mac

Enter Safe Mode to unlock and delete files Usually, when you come across a locked file, you can simply restart your device to unlock it. Click the "Restart" button. Method 3. Using a third-party tool There are many third-party applications that can help you with this problem and delete locked files.

Once you start the erasing process, you can't be canceled it until it is finished. Do remember to check the folders again to avoid data loss. Read More for more tips. You can easily correct this by going to Trash and unlocking them. This will unlock the file and let you delete it.

Cannot Delete a Folder or File - Solved How to Delete a File That Won't Delete

Once again, you can do this by clicking the Empty button. Alternatively, you can right-click the file and click Delete Immediately. You can run a test for this by launching Disk Utility and using the First Aid function.

Here's how to fix your macOS disk with Safe Mode, fsck, and more. Read More on your startup drive. In most cases, a disk repair should let you permanently delete items in the Trash. There are several ways to force-empty the Trash. Trying holding Option while you click the Empty button.

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By holding Option , your Mac will bypass any locks on files. One final option is to use a Terminal command to force the Trash to empty.

How to fix the “Startup Disk Full” error on your Mac

This overrides any locks on your files and deletes files that are still in use. It also gets around any other errors that prevent the Trash from emptying. However, it might be that macOS is preventing you from deleting files for a good reason. This will immediately delete the files you dragged to the Terminal window. You can finally rest assured that your Mac is a bit cleaner. Emptying your Trash is a good way of keeping your Mac clean and uncluttered. It saves disk space, helping your Mac to run more smoothly.

And there are other ways to spring clean your Mac. Here's how to clean up your Mac desktop for a better work environment. Here's how disk permissions work and how to repair permissions in macOS. Read More.

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