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Then you can select the default OS that you want to boot your Mac in. We recommend backing up before however in case anything goes wrong.

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I did everything you asked but my boot camp is different. Could you Help me? But Then it would not be in Start-Up Disk. Is this doable? Are there complications?

How to install Windows 10 on Mac

How shall I proceed? Thanks in advance…. Apple allows Mac owners to use a software utility known as Bootcamp to partition their hard drives with an installation of Windows. A nice bonus: You can get a copy a Windows 10 ISO for free and legally run it in Bootcamp without having to pay to activate it. You get How great is that as a Mac user?!?

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Windows runs "programs", monumental tomes of code like Adobe CS5 which also cost big bucks. The real world runs on Windows, things like traffic lights and power stations and the stock exchange. If you only want the internet for Facetube all you need is Linux and Firefox or a Chromebook. Yet many people own a Mac Powerbook to do that. If you want to run proper programs, the latest games or just run country sized control systems then pay MS its due.

It really is a small fraction of the cost of all the other stuff you buy and you will hammer Windows 24 - 7 - At the end of the day it's actually more important than your fridge! THE Stock Exchange? There are hundreds across the world. But here are two examples that spring to mind:.

The London Stock Exchange's Windows-based system was a famously unmitigated disaster and a custard pie in the face to Accenture and Microsoft who boasted about its supposed reliability. After 2 years of numerous unplanned outages and maintenance downtime, it was replaced by a Linux-based system.

Prior to that, it ran on Sun Solaris It has never run on Windows. The problem with Windows is to do with its simplistic origins. It was invented as a standalone fancy typewriter and spreadsheet machine, nothing more. In essence, it was invented for secretaries and accountants. It had little to no networking capability, no concept of multiple programs running at once multi-tasking , no concept of multiple user accounts and many using the same computer simultaneously.

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The other problem is the way in which the graphical UI is so tightly bound to the operating system. There is no way to run Windows in a "headless" configuration like you can with a Unix or Linux system.

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Even if you could, the Windows command line is incredibly primitive and cannot perform all administrative tasks. The networking, multi-user, multi-tasking you see in Windows today was bolted on as an afterthought. By contrast, Unix was invented from day one as a network-based, multi-user, multi-tasking operating system. Consequently, Unix had been tackling the fundamental security problems associated with many people sharing the same resources years before Windows was even born.

On a Unix System, there isn't a single task you cannot accomplish from the command line. In fact, it's the opposite to Windows, in that some of the most advanced tasks can ONLY be carried out at the command line. Why is this an advantage? Well, in the business world, you might be carrying out maintenance on a system the other side of the World, over a relatively poor link. A command-line interface that only has to send ascii characters back and forth is orders of magnitude more efficient than one where you have to send graphical artifacts.

I currently work for one of the largest Data Storage companies in the world. A huge number of very substantial and highly professional systems run on Linex distributions or on Linux derived operating systems, including all of the World's fastest supercomputers. Windows is great for consumer level use, it's ubiquity, and user familiarity ensure it's popularity in systems with non specialist users as it keeps training costs low and so higher costs elsewhere are balanced out.

Overall, I think Windows pricing would be completely within the bounds of sanity at about half the price that it normally commands. It's actually fairly typical for me to deploy new business machines with a higher portion of their value found in software licenses than hardware. I also think that the majority of home PC users, given Linux configured for their hardware and access to a modern web browser, probably wouldn't give a second thought to what OS they may or may not be using as long as they could get to Facebook and Youtube.

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I do understand the pricing for the business versions of Windows. Getting remote desktop and simple server-based management tools really are worth substantially more than just being able to play games. I'd like those features to be cheaper as well, but it's the cost the market will bear. I thought windows wasn't even worth considering anymore because the Apple software was so magical? Too expensive mate.

I got 5 W8. OS X is more expensive than Windows because you have to buy a Mac to begin with. No wonder Apple can afford to give their latest updates away for free when they're forcing consumers to pay through the nose for hardware.

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You don't have to buy a mac to use OSX. You can install it on most intel based PCs. I believe they are called Hackintoshs. Installing OSX is pretty similar to installing windows on an Hackintosh just without the requirement of of adding a product key.

But I do concede for the non technical folk it does seem like the only way to use OSX is to buy a mac. Apple is a hardware vendor, first and foremost, and they don't force anyone to buy their products. OS X is written specifically to work on that hardware, the advantage being that it's very easy to guarantee a certain level of quality. If you want easy, frustration free home computing, then Macs are an attractive choice, but what you sacrifice is the ability to upgrade or tinker with the hardware - if you're that kind of hobbyist, a Mac is completely the wrong thing to buy.

Think of it more like buying a PlayStation or Xbox. You switch it on, and it just works, but to get the latest hardware has to offer, you're going to have to buy another complete computer. Console yourself with the fact that the resale value of Macs is very high Microsoft are a software vendor first and foremost - they certainly don't manufacture desktop PCs.

Windows is expensive because it's one of Microsoft's primary revenue streams, and the effort involved in trying to get a decent level of quality across almost infinite possible combinations of hardware is enormous. The fact that Microsoft get Windows to work as well as it does is little short of miraculous.