Keyboard commands for mac copy

Extend selection to start of row. Shift Home.

AutoCAD for MAC Keyboard Commands & Shortcuts Guide | Autodesk

Extend selection to first cell in worksheet. Ctrl Shift Home. Extend selection to last cell in worksheet. Ctrl Shift End. Toggle extend selection mode.

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Fn F8. Display 'Go To' dialog box. Ctrl G. Select cells with comments. Ctrl Shift O. Select current region around active cell. Select current region. Select current array. Select row differences. Select column differences. Ctrl Shift. Select direct precedents. Ctrl [. Select all precedents. Select direct dependents. Ctrl ]. Select all dependents. Select visible cells only. Alt ;. Edit the active cell. Insert or edit comment. Shift F2. Cancel entry.

Search form

Select one character right. Select one character left.

Move one word right. Move one word left. Select one word right. Select one word left. Select to beginning of cell.

Select to end of cell. Shift End. Delete to end of line. Ctrl Delete. Delete character to the left of cursor. Delete character to the right of cursor. Fn Delete. Start a new line in the same cell. Alt Enter.

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  • Enter and move down. Enter and move up. Enter and move right. Enter and move left. Complete entry and stay in same cell. Ctrl Enter. Enter same data in multiple cells.

    Insert current date. Ctrl ;.

    To remap your Mac keys:

    Insert current time. Ctrl Shift :. Fill down from cell above. Ctrl D. Fill right from cell left.

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    Ctrl R. Copy formula from cell above. Ctrl '. Copy value from cell above. Ctrl Shift ". Add hyperlink. Ctrl K. Display AutoComplete list. Flash fill. Ctrl E. Format almost anything. Ctrl 1. Display Format Cells with Font tab selected. Ctrl Shift F. Apply or remove bold formatting.

    24 keyboard shortcuts Mac users need to know

    Ctrl B. Apply or remove italic formatting. Ctrl I. Apply or remove underscoring. Ctrl U. Apply or remove strikethrough formatting. Ctrl 5. Add or remove the shadow font style. Add or remove the outline font style. Align center. Align left. Align right. Alt H 6. Remove indent. Alt H 5. Increase font size one step.