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Follow me as jamesthomson on Twitter or read my developer blog for more. PCalc 4. This release adds full support for macOS It also fixes a bug where the app wouldn't launch if you were streaming media to an AirPlay 2 device. Just a small update to mainly fix some bugs before starting the big push for Apple's OS updates in the autumn, but also includes the latest values for all the scientific constants, taken from CODATA We also have some new t-shirts and limited edition pins on our store , featuring Pascal, the PCalc panda mascot.

Check them out here. A tiny update to improve VoiceOver support for the window titlebar buttons, which also means it now works with Moom.

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Thanks to Peter Maurer for his help! A small release, mainly to fix some bugs that have surfaced since 4. Also, due to popular demand, the window buttons on the calculator are more visible by default now. But if there's now popular demand the other way, there's an option to put them back the way they were before, in the Advanced section of the Preferences. I only work in black. And sometimes very very dark gray.

Let me know what you think at jamesthomson or send me an email. I'm whatever Gotham needs me to be. This is a small update, but it adds a new dark theme, support for grads in trig functions, and display of SI unit prefixes in Engineering mode, amongst other things.

So maybe it's not that small after all! It's a minor update, but adds some new display options, many more of the themes support setting a tint colour, and there's now music in the About screen!

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  7. What more do you need? It's a small update that fixes a problem updating the currency conversion rates. Rather than crash, I stopped them updating their rates. This new version will work fine however, and should work with any currencies that are added in the future. I also added achievements and leaderboards to the About screen, because it amused me. Comments and suggestions to jamesthomson or via email.

    This is mainly a bug fix release to fix some problems with 4. Look for the golden banana! I've also had reports of graphical glitch on High Sierra with occasional black frames appearing in the About screen, but this seems to be a bug in the graphics drivers - it's mostly happening on machines with Intel built-in graphics. Hopefully Apple will have a fix soon.

    Let me know what you think at jamesthomson or send me an email! Mother of Drag-Ons. The full list of changes is here.

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    Manual labour. Finally appearing after twenty-five years, it's a manual for PCalc! It's written by Glenn Fleishman , and is a general introduction to the app, along with a list of every button and setting and what they do. You can download a copy as a PDF here , which is better for printing and reading on large screens, and as an EPUB here which is better for smaller screens like a phone. Just a small update to fix a crash bug, but there are a few minor features too - support for click sounds on the Touch Bar buttons on the new Mac Book Pros, and copy and paste of UTF characters aka emoji.

    27" iMac doesn't boot past white screen, not-responsive

    You can configure the Touch Bar to have pretty much any button from the main calculator, and it provides easy access to recent conversions, functions, and constants, as well as settings like the display mode and number of decimal places. There are separate bars for RPN and algebragic mode, as well as for the non-decimal bases, so there's a lot of flexibility. The inevitable second small bug fix release! Well, this really just adds the new rounding mode options from iOS. It seems some people are really passionate about their rounding algorithms, and didn't like the change I made in the last version, so now hopefully everybody will be happy!

    The inevitable small bug fix release! Mainly to fix a rare crash, but it also adds a new option for improper fractions, and the click sound engine from iOS. Every time I do an update like this, it starts out with no reviews, so if you like this update I'd appreciate it if you added or updated one yourself. Thanks, it makes a big difference to sales! This release add full support for macOS There's also a new "Fraction" display mode that shows the closest fraction for the current decimal result, new accessibility options, improved readability throughout the app, and lots more.

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    Hope you like the update. Get in touch at jamesthomson or send me an email! The first thing you'll notice are the new icons, designed by Frank at grafiksyndikat. I've unified the design of all the icons across all the different platforms PCalc runs on.

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    The old icons were gettng a bit tired and didn't fit in as well with the OS, especially on the Mac, and these are modern and easily recognisable. This release also brings a number of fixes and improvements, like the ability to specify E notation for the main display rather than using superscript numbers, and it makes the behaviour of the delete key more sensible when you are dealing with decimals and exponents. It also brings the core code up to date with PCalc 3. Hope you like this update! Popular Posts Mathcad 13 free download available The glee project soundtrack download Kontakt 5 3 crack torrent pirate bay Jeevan anand lic policy hindi serial Kaibao usb serial converter Acrobat reader 7 0 professional free download Amargo adios inspector download yahoo Chr x inactivation calico Download movies blogspot mp4 to avi Pci serial cards ikuxovuy.

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    If you already have an account on the new site then simply log in. Contact us if you have any questions. New lower price! Buena Depth Cue is a collection of plugins that are designed to handle a variety of factors surrounding common sense manipulation of the critical half-dimension. Data Glitch 2 Render Only License. This license can only be used on headless render machines using the command line renderer and you must own at least 1 full license of Data Glitch 2 in order to purchase them.

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