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I don't know what it is about your App thats is different but it did the trick! Awesome piece of software. Thank you. Thanks Brattoo for your ridiculously awesome customer service too!! You guys are amazing and absolutely should charge more for your software. This is customer service that far exceeds that which accompanies full-cost software!! I used Magic mode and removed over duplicate photos from a collection of photos, so very happy. I'm loving your product. You're a superb role-model. I wish you could take over the auto industry.

This email response from you surprised me so much and gave me such a "lift"! I read it to my husband and it really is a stunning experience to receive such a generous and kind customer service response. And the phrasing of your response was simply delightful Duplicate Annihilator fills a need and fills it well! I thought that I was going to go crazy sorting through 3, photos to eliminate about 1, duplicates.

You saved the day!

Time Machine Chapter 4 recovering pictures lost in iPhoto Mac OS 10.5-10.7.

I would like to say that this software is kick ass and the best type of software I have ever used. It took me longer to find your software than it did to remove my duplicate. It saves hours of tedious and mind numbing click-drag-click-drag and on and on. Many thanks. Thanks again for your as always fast and concise Help! I have since used it to flag over 3, photos on my hard drive as duplicates. It works and it saved me weeks of work finding duplicates… Thank you!

How to Recover iPhoto Library?

Very useful and a great time saver. Will recommend to all. This is going to make photo sorting and album creation so much easier. It is working and doing a wonderful job finding my duplicates!

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Thank you so much! I went from over 44, images to less than 10, I loved this for iphoto, but thought I'd lost you in the move to aperture. SO glad I get to use your great software again! Worked like a charm. Sooooo much better than hacking it myself. Well done. Fantastic value and does exactly what it says on the tin!

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Thanks again. It found 1, duplicates, moving the newer ones to the trash. I went through the discarded ones and could find no errors whatsoever. I am particularly impressed with the robustness of the programme Thanks for great service and for making my wife laugh out loud!! I am very pleased with this sotware.

It is straight-forward and easy to use and did the job. What could be better than that.? My Mac is again working full speed I am MOST grateful for your very personalized, specific and incredibly helpful response. Could not have done it with out your app. Well done Yours is a product I'll gladly spread the word of mouth on I trust good things will come your way!!!

Very easy to use.

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Very Happy Customer. LOVE your businesss ethics I will definitely recommend to my friends and colleagues.

The easy way to find and annihilate duplicates in Photos

You were very prompt and now I'm working without such a clutter of worthless duplicates. It feels good not to be hoarding multiple photographs of people, dogs, cats, and places I wish I'd never visited.

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  5. Thank you, thank you! I told the Apple Technical support guy about you on the phone today. I purchased Duplicate Annihilator almost two years ago and it has come in handy more than once. It's just amazing how well your product works and how seamless it is to use. Thank you again for creating and maintaining a well written product! Saved 5 GB in space and hundreds of cleanup hours. And I really liked using it I think that's pretty amazing.

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    And the whole process was so simple and easy that I just thought I'd tell you about my experience. What a relief.

    It's stable, very versatile according to the ways how duplicates are identifyed and offers a simple way to hunt down duplicates in iPhoto. And it's price is affordable to really everyone! Remove pictures by hand? Using it to weed out 10 of thousand of duplicates in my various files. You'll find the downloaded file in your Downloads folder.

    The downloaded file is both the demo and the full version. Try it out, then use your serial number to unlock it. Duplicate Annihilator for iPhoto Scan your iPhoto library for duplicates, thumbnails, faces, missing photos and corrupt jpegs. Duplicate Annihilator for Aperture Scan your Aperture library for duplicates. Apple Photos Duplicate Annihilator for Photos is available here. Fully Compatible! Newsletter Read our very appreciated newsletter or why not subscribe to it?

    Follow us online. Reviews macessence. Episode 4 macmagazine. Duplicate Annihilator for Photos The only application for dealing with duplicates in Apples new application Photos. Key features Detects duplicates Detects imported thumbnails Detects imported thumbnails of faces Detects missing image files Detects corrupt JPEGs Easily find and annihilate duplicates created internally by Photos or during import.

    Compare images using different algorithms to detect and understand differences. Detect duplicates using effective algorithms using electronic checksums like SHA1. Detect duplicates by using file specific meta data such as filename, dimensions, filesize, Exif creation date or date of creation. Mark duplicates with a description to make them easily found using Photos features like search or smart folders.


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    Makes your Photos slimmer and faster. Free updates! Minor fixes.