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MediaInfo verifies this is Attempting to cross convert and scale to DNxHD i Resulting transcode is jerky. I tried Resize — Advanced tab, and all of the interpolation methods, No luck there. What else can I try? Join To Reply : Top : Bottom. What you're attempting to do is actually becoming quite common given that DSLRs only shoot progressive and one often must deliver i60 for broadcast.

Sometimes trouble shooting means breaking things down to simplest parts and testing. Maybe you'd done the following already but this is just for testing. Disable resize again just for testing lets remove any potential negative impact this might have.

Can't import .mov files

Disable deinterlace just in case you had this enabled. It shouldn't be with progressive sources. Disable Advanced Frame Rate filter. Use the Interlace filter and set it to top field first.

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Tell me what the resultant file looks like as far as motion is concerned and what MediaInfo reports it as. You got it. Did a straight cross convert from source file to i AVdn Audio Codecs Used PCM File Format QuickTime Play Time AVdn Frame Width English Date of Original Encoding UTC Added a interlace filter, top field first: Resulting file showed incorrect field order, and file size was cut in half. UTC If you're not adding resize from why is the resultant file x Maybe DNxHD is forcing this as part of the code. If that's the case maybe something about the codec is doing something that's negating or otherwise altering what Episode is doing or trying to do.

Just for yucks, try doing the above to Apple Pro Res instead if you can. Because these types of threats are very destructive and they can slow down the performance of your device.


Download Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac. Connect to Windows-based PCs to access Windows-based files, applications, devices, and networks from your Mac. Next, open the application by clicking through the grey 'Launchpad' icon and clicking on the Remote Desktop app icon. If your computer is running a later version of Mac OS Click on the below link to download the installer file for Remote Desktop Connection for Mac 2. This will extract the RDC Installer.

Installing the X264 codec on a Mac

Click on this file to start the installation. Click on Continue. Click on Continue on the next screen and then when prompted click on Agree for the license agreement. When prompted select the disk you want to install the software on and click on Continue. When prompted click on the Install button. You may be prompted to enter in your administrator user name and password enter these in and click on OK to continue the installation.

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When the installation is complete the below will display and you can click on the Close button. You can connect to your work PC and have access to all of your apps, files, and network resources as if you were sitting at your desk. You can leave apps open at work and then see those same apps at home - all by using the RD client.

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.mov with Timecode and Linear PCM codecs won't import to FCP7

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