How to create toc in word mac

Or email me directly to receive coaching: help [at] redcapeco [dot] com. Apply Heading 1 styles to the headings within your document.

Pages for Mac: Create a table of contents in a Pages document

The rest of the headings are styled as Heading 2 aka H2. Note: this business plan example actually has Headings 3 and 4 applied but I chose not to include them in the TOC. Modify the Headings. Modify the style definition once and all the headings formatted with that style will be updated appropriately. Generate your TOC. Now that your Heading 1 and possibly Heading 2 styles have been applied to the corresponding headings within your document, you can generate your TOC. The first entry that has incorrect formatting is TOC 2 the second-level entries.

Pages for Mac: Create a table of contents in a Pages document

Click on that click 1 above to see the current settings in the Preview window, then click on Modify click 2. Here's where we can fix everything that's wrong with the second-level TOC entries: we can change the font from Arial to Times New Roman with the drop-down in the center, and we can fix the paragraph issues the right indentation and the amount of vertical space before and after by clicking on the Format button at the bottom and choosing Paragraph from the menu.

We can repeat the same steps for any other TOC entries that need adjusting, but you get the idea, right? Notice how the Print Preview window circled in red has changed from the first time we saw it. So, for my friend Judy, who has asked me repeatedly to do a tutorial on how to modify the format of a Table of Contents What you've learned here is just a small part of my Brief Builder's Workshop course, where you can learn all sorts of skills for building better briefs, such as creating a Table of Authorities and configuring a Table of Contents two ways. Click here for more information. I spend an inordinate amount of my time playing with computers and attempting to explain technology to lawyers and law office staff.

It's not always easy, but someone's got to do it. And I was told there is something about turning on F1 and viewing the formatting and you have to edit in the Para Heading and not the actual brief content! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As for how to have the heading that appears in the brief bolded without pulling the bold attribute into the TOC:.

The trick is to apply bolding within the heading style itself.

Page Contents

That is, modify the heading style and apply the bold attribute in the style, rather than using direct formatting to apply bold to the heading text as you type it. Your method is identical to modifying the TOC x styles with the Modify Style dialog — although I grant that accessing it through the ToC dialog may seem more intuitive.

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Worse, subsequent levels based on TOC 3 will change as well. Your instructions cause the TOC styles to be modified for the default template Normal. This will work, but it can create future problems if a different document based on Normal used different settings — and then you re-opened this one. It is better practice to attach a custom template so you can be sure the style definitions are retained and can be archived with the document s associated with them.

This is particularly true in a multi-user environment, or if you want to maintain several quite distinctly different document layouts. Question: Does anyone know of a fix for this problem: I installed word home and student into another computer windows 7 Tables do not appear print preview or print properly.

Left side is missing. Any ideas? Thanks, Sandy. How can this be done as whenever I press update TOC the whole text is included making the contents page about three pages long! I wish to create a template for future documents so it would be good to learn how to avoid all of this text being included. Many thanks for your help.

How to Create a Table of Contents in Word 2010

Now edit the TOC field code Alt-F9 toggles the display between the result and the code to add the switch. Toggle the view back and press F9 to update the TOC field. The results will now only include entries for heading levels 1 through 3 found within the bookmarked range. This method can be used to create multiple tables of contents. Similarly, the TC code method is the only practical way to include lead-in lines from a paragraph within a ToC.

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However, if you use the TC method, you will need to be careful if a heading is ever edited. When you make it with the Alt-Shift-O method, the resulting TC field code is set as invisible text and the content is not automatically updated if the originally-selected content is ever changed. For example, old books often included structures like this within a ToC:.

Chapter 3. Ahab approaches the leviathan.

Consider how the switches in this field code will accomplish the task. I would like to have a single line, but the page numbers on one line, in the form of a enumeration eg.

Creating a Table of Contents in Word 2016 for Mac (see note below for Headings video link)