Imessage on mac not sending texts

Sometimes I will send a text message through my Mac and it will go to the bottom, but when the other person replies it will go above my sent message. It will happen many times in a row, causing all my text messages to appear below the other person's. That's with text messages anyways. I didn't do anything to solve it.

macos - Messages on Mac displaying "Not Delivered" but message is being delivered - Ask Different

As for me the text messages are still in their glitched out order. I haven't texted from Messages. What are the chances?

Set up iMessage

I just helped someone with this an hour ago. This worked for her. It appears that the messages database is corrupted.

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The only fix is to remove all messages. Otherwise comment back here. This will delete all messages from your Mac. JBis JBis 5, 3 14 TylerNZ If this helped you please upvote it by pressing the upward arrow to the left of the answer.

iMessage Not Working? This Is How You Can Fix It

This is working so far on I read "Restart" as restart the messages application. It definitely means restart the computer!

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BillShirley Fixed. This happens constantly to me Now send an iMessages from the Mac.

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    Mac Fix: Cannot Send Messages on a Mac But Can Receive Them

    Also Read: Sometimes, iMessage app is just going to stuck, you can force quit it and reopen it to see if it works again. Restarting can solve lots of annoy issues, and it may works well with "iMessage on mac not working" case. So, turn off your computer, and turn on it to try again. If probem remains, you can have a try on updating your Mac to the latest version to get the latest iMessage.

    Go to App Store to download and install the latest version.

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    Sometimes, you may want to preserve some meaningful messages forever, or you may want to print messages for some reasons. To do this, you can export messages from your iPhone to computer, well, how? After that, you can check and print messages at anytime.