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In a department store, applicants may be hired by the department store itself to work at the MAC counter. Some counter jobs will consider strong customer service skills if a person does not have much professional experience applying make-up.


Therefore, consider the competition for the position. People who are experienced makeup artists with good customer service skills are probably more likely to get an interview. Some counter positions that are advertised require a resume.

Everything You Need to Know About Being a Make Up Artist

When creating a resume or polishing up an existing one, any previous make-up artist experience, cosmetology courses, and certificates should be highlighted. Customer service experience should also be described in the resume. People who do not have make-up artist experience should at least try to take courses at a college or beauty school to learn basic or advanced makeup application techniques.

A make-up artist certificate may also help.

6 Makeup Schools for the Aspiring Makeup Artist

In any case, it is likely that applicants will have to demonstrate their skills. Practice applying MAC makeup on friends, family members, and anyone else who is willing to have a makeover. Be experienced in applying makeup on people of various skin tones, light and fair, to rich and deep shades. Applicants should also know how to correct a variety of facial flaws and create different looks that are in tune with MAC's style.


Some, but not all, MAC stores and counters will ask for a portfolio. If that is the case, professional photographs will be needed. Advertise for a photographer at local colleges and universities or hire a professional photographer who is accustomed to shooting fashion photography.

The top 5 makeup artist and design schools in Toronto

Of the two choices, the latter is the best, but may not be the most inexpensive. It is also not unusual to be asked to bring a video tape demonstrating makeup application. Again, store managers may have varying application requirements.

During the interview, it is highly likely that applicants will be asked to demonstrate. How exciting is that? Read on to learn more. Taking these makeup classes, before actually applying, gives you a much better chance of getting hired. Some of which include:. At Evergreen Beauty College , we provide the perfect environment for hands-on training.

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These are some of the things the company is looking for. Make sure your resume highlights and explains in detail both your makeup artist classes or certificates and any customer service skills you have. Remember, graduating from beauty school puts you ahead of applicants who have little makeup artistry experience. Some stores may require a portfolio in addition to your resume. Be prepared to demonstrate your skills, as part of the interview.

You need to be comfortable applying makeup on a variety of skin tones as well as having the knowledge to correct different types of facial flaws, in order to be seriously considered for the position.