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At BlizzCon , three new terran units were revealed—the warhound , the shredder and the hellbat. As of June , the widow mine , which could attack both air and ground units, was introduced. As of September , during the beta, the warhound was removed. A general theme for terran units in the expansion is that they are more high-tech than units in previous installments.

At BlizzCon , the viper and swarm host were added to the Swarm, [76] while the overseer was said to be removed from multiplayer. The protoss were to gain three new units—the oracle , the replicant and the tempest , [76] while the mothership and carrier were to be removed from multiplayer games. A general goal of protoss development in the game is to give them more aerial firepower.

Blizzard planed on adding "drawing" functionality for referees in Heart of the Swarm, but this was not available in the final game. From a multiplayer standpoint, Heart of the Swarm is an expansion, not a sequel. It has a separate ladder from Wings of Liberty. Heart of the Swarm will have the same e-sports focus as Wings of Liberty. The expansion added a leveling system, introducing a system of leveling and rewards.

In this system, experience is earned while playing matchmaking and custom games. XP is given in accordance with race played, given at the end of the match, and is earnt through each unit built and destroyed. Levels range from 1 to 20 for each race. Bonus XP can also be earnt.

Each level gifts the player with a new decal or portrait. These levels have a net total; by reaching level 20 for each race, a player has a net total level of 60 for instance. A clan system was added into the game. Blizzard's storyboard team was already working on Heart of the Swarm while Wings of Liberty ' s gameplay was refined. As of March Dustin Browder expected Heart of the Swarm to finish development in approximately one year.

In October , Blizzard began releasing preview art of new units. As of May , Blizzard announced plans to include the following functionalities in Heart of the Swarm:. The beta test went live September 4, However, there was a lot of multiplayer work, UI, art and debugging to work on. The game was released on March 12, Because of feedback from Wings of Liberty players, Heart of the Swarm received larger map sizes.

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Browder was open to the idea of the defiler being playable in the campaign, but was more reserved about the devourer. Here, Kerrigan could select from various worlds for a broodmother to destroy, said worlds being of tactical advantage to the Dominion. The story was intended to have a darker feel than Wings of Liberty , due to the zerg being the protagonists.

Kindregan , the story was intended to be "a complete story of Sarah Kerrigan and the zerg," and have "its own satisfying ending. Striking a balance between the "alienness" of zerg characters yet also making them relatable was another issue. More emphasis was placed on mission cutscenes than Wings of Liberty in regards to conveying backstory, such as information about the zerg.

In contrast, Heart of the Swarm was to keep its focus on Kerrigan much more and hopefully avoid those problems. Location-wise, Heart of the Swarm was intended to show more exotic locales than the ones featured in Wings of Liberty —no "farm areas" for instance. Ideas for locations include gas giants, frozen and hot worlds, places where the zerg were first formed and Dominion labs. As Heart of the Swarm neared, the online StarCraft short stories series became zerg-centric, focusing on zerg evolution.

Light was shed on zerg biology and the protoss.

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Brood War would make appearances, with Samir Duran cited as one such possibility. Early versions of the story included a sub-plot where Kerrigan gained revenge on Abathur for his transformation of her into the Queen of Blades, and harsher treatment of Zagara in her instruction of tactics. Cut lines indicate that hybrids were set to have been encountered in a greater abundance than they were in the game's release version. In December , a video was uploaded claiming to be the ending cinematic to the game.

The video was a very early rendering of the video with a temporary sound track and a watermark for The Third Floor, a company known to have done some of the cinematic work for Wings of Liberty. Blizzard did not comment on the video as part of its general policy to "not comment on rumors or speculation".

Heart of the Swarm features a Collector's Edition. It includes custom in-game content: In addition, Blizzard hosted a series of Battle Reports in June Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. I'm going to make him pay. Contents [ show ]. StarCraft storyline. Pre-Great War. Prelude to War. Battle of Chau Sara Protoss Intervention.

Brood War. Bonus Campaigns. Dark Vengeance. Stukov Missions. Second Great War. Characters Books and Comics Timeline. How many more have to die? Main article: Sarah Kerrigan Heart of the Swarm. Evolution pit. Heart of the Swarm beta. Blizzard Entertainment. Accessed The Next Evolution Begins in Korean. Interview with Chris Sigaty. Final StarCraft II retail version system requirements revealed. Big Download News.

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