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Give me a break - it serves the purpose.

Are you dragging it up the side of a mountain or something? I use this daily and am having zero issues.

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Add to cart. The cord does not come loose from the USB port, so I am raising the star rating. I have noticed they have also specifically noted that 5 "different" cards can work--I am slightly disappointed that the same card type cannot work at the same time, but I am delighted their customer service was so on-point.

How to use your CAC with your MAC (attention SELRES)

They have reached out to me nicely, which I greatly appreciate. I will let you know how it turns out. I nearly lost some very valuable footage I was transferring when it stopped mid-transfer. Pacific NW. This one works just fine--it works perfectly copying large RAW files directly from an SD card I have onto my computer for post-processing.

I like the fact that this comes with a 12" cable instead of the 2" pigtail obligating you to buy an extension. Will keep this at 4 stars because the 1st one promptly smoked and died when plugged in. Only 18 left in stock - order soon. Used with a micro SD card and my Miller Buda, TX.

cac card reader for mac military camp

Works great. Used with a micro SD card and my computer easily recognized it. Transferring files was quick and easy and there was no obvious lag having to use this card reader. It has a light that illuminated when it's connected and flashes when writing, which is a feature I really like. Great to have a reader with usb-c on my new MacBook Pro, no dongle required.

activclient 6.2 vs. windows 7 ActivCard / ActivClient and (NMCI) CAC Card

I plugged it in and I was off and running under 60 seconds. Great product and folds up nice and small so it is easily transportable. Thanks for the great product.

Looks great" - by Ian Wagner. Yay I thought. Oh was I disappointed when upon visiting a site that required client cert auth was I denied access. You can try setting an identity preference in the keychain but you need to know the EXACT url that the server will present you with that requires the use of the client cert. In my case the URL changes every time due to a token being added on to the end so that option was useless to me. If you want to try, open keychain access, and right click on your certificate. On the context menu, go to new certificate preference.

Firefox on OS X doesn't seem to natively support smartcards. It prompts you for a module if you try to add a security device. I was confused and didn't feel like figuring it out.

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I only needed to test the smartcard functionality on windows anyway. Nextdoor posts Pix included [ Feedback ] by Jan Janowski Electrical Outlets in Network Closet [ Networking ] by mbressman How to sell old coins? Know when to say? I do this all the time at home using a CAC reader I bought. Click the respective links below:.

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CAC Card Reader for Mac

Be notified of page updates. It's private. Powered by: ChangeDetection. I nstallation Steps. Step 2: CAC Reader driver.

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Step 3: DoD Certificates. Step 4: ActivClient. Step 4a: Update ActivClient.

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Step 6: Signing Forms Army. Additional Links. Sign up for CAC News email list. Solutions to common problems.