Cd stuck in mac pro

Yes, that's right; Apple's desire for cutting-edge design has resulted in one of the basic ways to eject stuck media no longer being an option for Mac users. In the Windows world, you'll find the optical drives on most PCs have a small hole near the front.

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Stick a paper clip into the hole, and the drive will eject any media in the drive; very convenient. On the Mac, the hole is missing, and all eject functions are performed electrically by sending an eject command to the drive. This shouldn't be much of an issue for Mac users, as the result will be the same. Who cares whether the ejection was performed because of a paper clip or the operating system sending an eject command?

Turns out there's a big difference, If your Mac uses a slot-loading optical drive, such as those used on iMacs and MacBooks, your Mac only sends an eject command if it senses there's a CD or DVD in the optical drive. If your Mac doesn't think there's anything in the drive, no eject signal is sent. CDs and DVDs can become stuck in your Mac's optical drive for many reasons, most of which seem to have to do with the phases of the moon.

OK, there are actually real reasons why they get stuck ranging from dirt and debris in the drive or on the disc to using the incorrect media type in an optical drive. It's a recipe for stuck media. When media becomes stuck in your Mac, don't spend all evening howling about the problem; instead, try a nifty trick that usually will eject stuck media.

If you disabled this option, check your Desktop again to see if the icon displays.

A few options exist to attempt to eject a disk not displaying on the Desktop using a few simple keystrokes. Most Mac keyboards come with an eject button on the top right of the keyboard.

Quick Tip: How to Force Eject a Stuck Disc

Pressing the eject button repeatedly may eject a disc, if the problem isn't the physical hard drive. Also trying using the "F12" key on the keyboard if you don't have an eject button, or the eject key doesn't work. In the event that you can't eject a disc using keyboard commands, attempt to restart your computer.

If the disc still doesn't display on the Desktop, click the "Finder" icon in the Dock and check to see if the disk displays in the Devices section. You can click the eject button next to the optical drive to attempt to eject the disc.

You have a couple options, depending on how stuck it is....

If the disc still doesn't eject, restart your computer and hold the track pad down while the computer boots on a MacBook, or hold the main mouse button down on models without a track pad. The System Management Controller performs many low-level functions that don't require user interaction. The fans, lights, power-related functions and several hardware-related problems often resolve by resetting the SMC. On MacBooks without a removable battery, shut down the computer and plug the device into a power outlet. More by the author:. About: PowerbookMedic offers free repair guides, parts, and repair services for Apple laptops, iPods, and desktops.

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