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To do this, you would need a good video editing software to ensure you get top quality work. If you have an iMac or use a MacBook, below is a list of the best free video editing software for Mac to make the job of editing your videos easier and faster. If you're a Windows user, click the button below and check our article on the best video editors for Windows. This is a comprehensive list of the top best free editing software for Mac for easy and quick video editing.

This is a freeware for quality video editing and it is available on every new Mac OS X. The app lets you perform many functions like importing photos and videos to your MacBook using the FireWire interface or through USB and with it, video clips up to 4k can be edited, you can add effects or any music of your choice too. As one of the best, iMovie comes with top features like a movie trailer, audio editing, and one step effect.

Best Free Video Editing Software

Lightworks is another one of the best free video editors for Mac. As a video creator, after making your movie or film, Lightworks allows for quick and easy editing.

A touch of Hollywood magic for your home videos

It is recommended as it is compatible with and for many video formats and acts as a high precision video trimmer. In addition to this, it includes features like video effects, multicam editing, titling, and many other functions which makes it a perfect choice for all your advanced video editing needs. This is one of the best video editing apps for Mac. Beginners need not worry that it may be too complicated as it has a simple and user-friendly interface and even provides first time users with a detailed tutorial to help them navigate the program.

Video editing made easy is what DaVinci Resolve delivers. Advanced trimming, multicam editing, color correction, audio mastering are some of the top-notch features it offers and it also allows full 3D editing particle systems to let you edit your videos to the fullest capacity and gives you a professional output. If you need high-quality professional video editing to be done, then this is the program for you.

Best 5 Mac Video Editing Software

The features include all basic editing services like trimming, blending, embedding, merging, overlapping, audio syncing, converting and compressing. Kdenlive is a user-contributed software.

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So, if you like the functionality and the features available with the free software, you can choose to donate whatever amount of money you wish to help the project keep going. We don't think any user needs to know more about the popularity of VLC players.

Best 5 Free Mac Video Editing Software, Edit Video on Mac OS X El Capitan

It's one of the most downloaded and installed free video editing software for Mac EL Capitan in the whole wide world. With the VLC creator, you can easily perform the rudimentary editing functions like cutting, trimming, compressing, converting, burning and cropping. There is a whole set of add-on effects and themes that can be downloaded from the official VLC website to complement the editor package software. The updates are released every six months by VLC to keep your software up-to-date and stable. Slideshow Maker Stock Video. PDF Converter. Free Trial Free Trial. By Elva Jan 11, Free Download Free Download.

Features Of course, iMovie doesn't need any introduction to MacBook users. Features Kdenlive is a hugely popular name among Linux users. Features We don't think any user needs to know more about the popularity of VLC players.

Best free video editing apps

Most Popular Downloads. The editor includes all the features you need to create a good movie. You can combine different clips to make a full movie, but also resize and scale them so all your videos have the same dimensions. Supported formats are based on FFmpeg which means it covers the most common formats. If you want to be really creative, add effects and animations to give your movie added flair.

Top Free Video Editing Software for Mac

OpenShot Video Editor for Windows. On the surface, Avidemux looks simple.

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However, this open source video editor is actually quite complex. You can add multiple files, trim and crop scenes, and configure the video output. One strange issue I had was that Avidemux exports in 4: Avidemux might be better as a converter rather than an editor even though the option exists. Avidemux for Mac Windows. The first thing you notice with Lightworks is that it looks daunting. The video editor offers a bridge between the novice and professional editors.

Lightworks is a free editor that contains many tools to manipulate your videos. However, the massive amount of options included in the free version are impressive. The free version is limited, as you can only export in p for YouTube and upgrading requires a yearly subscription fee. The video editor is complex for novices, but shows how much editing is possible with the right options. But if you want to really learn how to edit videos professionally, Lightworks is the best option. Lightworks for Mac Windows.