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Open it, and you will see the following interface. Click Add files and then browse for Mac formatted font. You can download freeware DfontSplitter from its homepage. Related read : How to get Mac-like smooth fonts on Windows Your email address will not be published. Convert Mac font to Windows-compatible font using DfontSplitter. What do you want to read next? If you try to reuse a layout where everything was very tight, you could experience text reflow or other similar difficulties.

Since the PFM file is used only to display the characters on the screen, the result you get when printing should be the same as the original. If you have to edit the file, you will have to work without controlling the result on screen, and will have to print frequently to know precisely what you are doing. Versions 6. This problem is solved in version 6.

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However, it is possible to get real and good PBM files. Adobe Web site proposes many useful resources you can download for free.

TransType 4. Universal font converter by FontLab.

The first problem when seeking for a PFM file is knowing its real name. You can download a reference file This document is about pages long. Just search for the filename found in the font list or ask Windows to do the job of searching within the file for the Postcript name of the font. Don't forget to turn the read-only bit off. This function is not yet implemented. We plan to integrate the feature with next version. The transfer to the Macintosh format brings a lot of difficulties we'll have to solve in the mean time. See the page we publish on decoding Macintosh email attachments.

How to Convert Mac Font (dfont) to Windows Compatible Font (ttf)

We propose on this site our MacMail utility to manage those attached files easily. To be found on some fora of Compuserve and probably elsewhere. Shareware Wrefont is the software you get when you register. A new version, CrossFont, was launched recently. Web site: Acute Systems.

Other font types

Since Mac OS X is a flavor of Unix, one could expect that this would be the end of the fonts stored in the resource fork. Indeed, for some time, it was already possible to put PC fonts True Type as well as Type 1 in the font folder of some Adobe applications, like Illustrator and InDesign. The drawback was that the fonts were only visible for those applications, and not from all other.

This doesn't work with Type 1 fonts. It worked fine.

The problem is that both files were not recognized as being the same font. The solution we found was to take the Macintosh medium where MacDisk had converted the original font, to switch the forks to put the resource fork contents in the data fork , then to rename the file with a ". This way, both files were recognized as storing the same font. A lot was written about respective advantages of Type 1 vs.

True Type fonts. With good quality fonts, this is most hype. One must say that there are more crappy fonts in the True Type format than in the Type 1 format. Thanks, Matt for that article. Thank you again for your help! Chealion Moshe Moshe 3, 19 19 gold badges 58 58 silver badges 98 98 bronze badges. Matt Fisher Matt Fisher 89 1 1 bronze badge. Hi, thanks for the reply. I am still not clear on what a "data fork" is. See my edits above for answer an to your question, please. What font are you dealing with? Just in case we can solve this issue by just getting a new copy.

The font is not available online. I checked. Problem solved though by using DFontSplitter on the original machine. You get the check for helping and the article gave me useful info. To whom it may concern, if anybody ever reads this. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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