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You must provide the program with your broker account number and login information in order for it to download your data.

As always, you can also enter your transactions manually. In addition to stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, the program can also handle real estate investments, options and user-defined securities. Furthermore, you can track buys, sells, dividends, short sales, margin transactions, stock splits, reinvestments, interest, commissions, and bond premiums and discounts. After you create your portfolios you can populate a portfolio with unlimited holdings , they will be listed on the left-hand side of the page. Clicking on a single portfolio will load all of its relevant data.

The current value, unrealized gain and loss, estimated income and last update date are presented at the top-left of the screen, and the year-to-date activity for the portfolio is provided underneath.

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There are also five separate tabs for data on the portfolio selected. The Portfolio Values tab shows your holdings along with the quantity owned, unit and total cost, market value, and gains and losses. The Income Received tab provides a breakdown of your income-generating investments along with their tax consequences.

A listing of the securities sold during the current year is also provided. The Holdings Summary and Allocation Summary tabs provide useful information on your portfolio as a whole, presenting a breakdown of portfolio asset allocation and transaction history. In addition, holdings are all shown as a percent of your total portfolio.

Portfolio values are not automatically updated. To update portfolio values, click on the Update Prices button at the top of the program, which updates figures using Yahoo! Numerous reports are also provided by Investment Account Manager.

Editors' Review

Certain reports are ubiquitous among the top programs, and others are unique and worth noting. Investment Account Manager provides an upside-downside report that can also be charted. The program also provides a fund diversification characteristics report that shows a comprehensive dissection of each fund a user owns. The report provides asset class composition, stock composition, and sector and company size analyses. A bond maturity schedule is also provided, just as with Quicken Premier.

For each report, you can specify the portfolio s and date range. For the performance reports, users can calculate value-weighted or time-weighted returns and view performance by asset class, sector and industry. The reports can also be saved in PDF format. The help section of Investment Account Manager was very useful, covering most areas of the program. There are three versions of Fund Manager—personal, professional and advisor.

The personal version suits the needs of most individual investors, while investors who trade frequently may opt to go with professional. The personal version of the program targets individual investors and provides all the features that assist users in managing a personal portfolio, such as retrieving values using the Internet, providing a number of graphs and reports, and listing bond and income schedules.

The advisor version includes a variety of client management features. There are also significant price differences associated with each version. The professional version was tested for this review, and it is the version covered in the remainder of this section. Fund Manager, like Investment Account Manager, is a pure investment management software program, with no personal finance capabilities. This program is not as intuitive as Investment Account Manager or Quicken Premier, but it offers some great reports and performance tools.

There are a few ways to create a portfolio. Using the New Portfolio Wizard, which can be found in the File drop-down menu, is the easiest method. You have the option of downloading the positions and transactions directly from your brokerage firm by providing your account number and login information. In our test, we were able to download all transactions going back to when the brokerage account was created, one year ago.

If you are uncomfortable with this, you may also export your transactions from your brokerage account to a compatible file and then import the transactions into the program. This method does not require users to provide login information and is more convenient than manually inputting all the data though you can do so if you choose. Asset types are automatically assigned for important positions and transactions. Users can also manually change the asset type.

There are 25 separate asset type choices provided by the program, and users can also specify their own. Make sure that each holding is labeled correctly before using the asset allocation reports. After importing or manually creating your portfolio, you can choose from a wide variety of graphs to display in the program. Highlight the portfolio you wish to display on the left-hand side of the program before selecting the graph. There are several graphs worth noting. These scatter plots graph the time-weighted return against the standard deviation of monthly returns, enabling users to quickly identify items that are under-performing based on the volatility of the investment.

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A customizable technical analysis graph is also provided. The graph is divided into a top and a bottom section, and the user defines which technical indicator is displayed in each section. Indicators offered by Fund Manager include moving averages, Bollinger bands, MACD moving average convergence-divergence and relative strength index, among others. Fund Manager offers several reports that are useful to individual investors.

Time-weighted returns can be calculated for specified time ranges as well as for individual securities and asset allocations. The distribution summary displays distributions paid for a time period and includes dividends, short- and long-term capital gains and foreign tax distributions. The program also provides a rebalance report that outlines the differences between your asset allocation and a target asset allocation.

Bond maturity schedules are also provided. Since our last portfolio management software article, Fund Manager has undergone two major updates. Notably, the program now works with Windows 7. A complete list of updates can be found at the Fund Manager website.

Quicken Premier

Overall, each of the three programs reviewed here provides users with excellent tools for tracking their investments. Two of the programs offer trial accounts, and we suggest making use of them. While Fund Manager and Investment Account Manager are true portfolio management software programs, Quicken Premier provides additional personal finance capabilities.

This added dimension makes Quicken Premier worth considering. Unfortunately, Quicken Premier is the only program out of the three reviewed that does not offer a trial account. Like prior software comparative reviews, this is a helpful beginning yet is incomplete and for me software covered lacks critical features. For me being able to evaluate performance on same portfolio using both gives better insight.

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If out performance of benchmark is not on a risk adjusted basis similar to how Hulbert does things then it really isn't apples to apples and true out performance. However while I use Quicken for checking acct. I do not trust it to keep features of portfolio module constant over time and have read elsewhere people's frustrations with using Quicken as portfolio tracker. Years ago I used Captools and recall that while there was a steep learning curve it did both time and asset weighted rate of return, as well as simultaneously doing it for before and after taxes with your own personal tax rates entered for ST and LT.

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Current software seem to lack important features. Hi Edward, Thanks for your comments.

IAM does in fact perform time-weighted return calculations. Page of the user's manual goes over the definition used. It can be found in the Portfolio Summary Report. We will, however, keep an eye out. Quicken is better as a money management software. Portfolio tracking is just one of its areas. Captools was, and remains, a great program. Unfortunately, it is no longer being supported for individual investors and was replaced by a program significantly more expensive.

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It should be noted that the Quicken product for Mac is not Quicken Premier. The grid shows Quicken for Mac but in fact the current product is Quicken Essentials for Mac which does not do portfolio management. The old product Quicken did do portfolio management but is no longer offered and will not run on OS-X Lion. I want my wife to learn Quickin Preimer , but i have not been able to find any instruction books.