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Transform your photos and videos into stunning movies with VideoStudio, your fun and easy video editing software.. Transform your photos and videos into stunning movies with VideoStudio, your fun and easy video editing software. DVD creation software that lets anyone design stunning menus and burn DVDs with their favorite photos and videos. You will be downloading a demo version of CorelCAD The software is available in both bit and bit versions.

The bit version has been optimized for those with bit versions of Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8. If you are unsure if your operating system is bit or bit, we recommend downloading and installing the bit version. To activate the day, fully functional trial version that enables saving and printing your work, please register here. For tablet and mobile device users, overflow buttons indicate the presence of additional tools, dockers and controls that don't fit within the workspace. Drag a document outside of the application window to undock it when working with multiple documents.

Get another magnification option with the introduction of bilinear zooming. It adds pixels by averaging the color values of surrounding pixels when zooming out, which prevents jagged edges and improves the display quality of sharp images that have fine detail. Take advantage of pressure, bearing, tilt, and rotation when using the touch-up tools, the Eraser tool, the Paint tool, and other brush tools.

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What's more, you can experiment with rotation, flatness and elongation settings to get an even greater range of artistic possibilities. You can now correct perspective distortions in photos that have straight lines and flat surfaces such as architectural photos and photos of buildings. Sharpen photos by increasing the contrast of adjacent pixels while preserving both high- and low-frequency details, such as edges and large structures.

When combined with a blur effect, you can simulate depth of field, giving focus to a particular object while blurring areas outside the planar mask. Adjust your images to remove pincushion and barrel distortions with the new Correct lens distortion slider in the Straighten Image dialog box. Organize and manage your font library with the intuitive Corel Font Manager and user your favorite fonts without installing them, and work faster with fonts using the network storage feature.

The revamped Insert Character docker presents all characters, symbols and glyphs associated with a selected font, making it easier than ever to find these items and then insert them into your documents. Embed fonts when you save CorelDRAW documents so that recipients can view, print, and edit the document exactly as designed.


Corel Font Manager lets you easily handle, organize, and explore your typeface and font collections by giving you tools to control every aspect of your typography workflow. Take greater advantage of advanced OpenType typography features, such as contextual and stylistic alternates, fractions, ligatures, ordinals, ornaments, small caps, swashes, and more.

Apply advanced OpenType typography features, such as widths, forms, vertical metrics, kana glyph alternatives and rotation to Asian text. Find and share design assets with ease! You choose where to store content rather than use the default folders. Work with several trays concurrently, which gives you increased flexibility for organizing assets for multiple projects.

Find the right template for the job with the redesigned New From Template dialog box, which includes an enhanced preview feature. Explore the interactive Content Exchange, an online repository that's fully integrated with the suite's applications. Share vector fills, bitmap fills and fountain fills with our community of users, and vote for your favorites. Disable snapping as you're repositioning without having to release the cursor. Fit any type and number of objects to a path of your choice. Smart spacing and rotation settings help you customize the arrangement of objects along the path.

It's an ingenious tool to showcase artwork in real world scenarios. Easily add page numbers—alphabetic, numeric, or roman—on all pages of a document, starting on a specific page, or starting at a particular number.

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Populate PowerClip objects with placeholder graphic and text frames, making it easier to preview your design before finalizing the individual content components. Right-click any text frame and immediately populate it with placeholder text, which makes it easier to assess the appearance of your document prior to finalizing its content. View and create drawings in actual pixel units with the Pixel Preview mode, which gives you a more accurate representation of how your design will appear on the Web. View, arrange and edit color styles and color harmonies using the enhanced Color Styles docker. Add the colors used in a document as color styles, which makes it easier than ever before to implement a color change throughout a project.

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The redesigned Object Properties docker has a new tab option that presents only one group of formatting controls at a time, making it easier to focus on the task at hand. Fine-tune your designs with object-dependent formatting options. Easily create outline, fill, character, and paragraph styles and Style Sets, which are groups of styles that you can later edit once and have the changes applied instantly throughout a project. Set application color policies to achieve the most accurate color representation with the Default Color Management Settings dialog, which gives greater control to advanced users.

The Align and Distribute docker provides quick and easy access to all available alignment options so that you can position objects with precision. Snap all colors in a color harmony to a rule-based system to modify those colors while preserving the color harmony. View, set up and modify alignment guides. Use the Intelligent Spacing guides to position objects with the same spacing as nearby objects, and the Intelligent Dimensioning guides scale or rotate an object in relation to nearby objects.

Several new Outline Position options let you specify whether an outline is positioned inside the object, outside the object, or an equal combination of both. Group a document's color styles so that you can quickly and easily produce iterative designs with varying color schemes. Save time and gain control when selecting objects by using the new Freehand Pick tool, which lets you drag a freehand marquee around the objects or shapes you want to select.

Apply a clip mask on a group of objects without modifying the individual objects within the group. Preserve all comments and annotations when importing a PDF file to better collaborate with clients and colleagues.

Access free valuable resources when upgrading from CorelDRAW X8

Automatically generate a custom color palette on the fly for each design project. You gain quick access to this project's colors in the future. Import and adjust RAW camera files directly from your digital camera with support for over hundreds of cameras , and preview changes in real time. Enjoy an expanded range of support for Microsoft Publisher ver. Perform a quality check before printing, exporting or publishing your file to PDF. Preflight Control identifies issues and potential problems, and provides suggestions for resolving them. Reliably preview how your artwork and colors will appear on different output devices or in other applications where you need to post your artwork.

Combine text from a data source with a drawing to quickly create personalized invitations, labels, and other projects. Get right to work with a quicker start! The launch time has been reduced thanks to performance enhancements so you can get to work faster than ever. Accelerate your design workflow with a faster rendering of text, especially artistic text. Reposition and edit complex vector shapes without taxing your system's resources.

Complete your tasks faster with powerful performance enhancements that leverage multi-core processing to maximize your computer's power.

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  • With support from the new Developer Community site, you can create your own automation tools. Visit www. Net and Visual C , integrating with Visual Studio Professional or above to create macros leveraging the. Net Framework.

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    The enhanced Hints docker gives you quick access to additional resources such as video hints, longer videos, and written tutorials, so you can learn more about a tool or feature without having to search. New to graphics software, an experienced user, or someone familiar with other graphics applications, there's a start-up tour to help you quickly get up to speed and take full advantage of the features and tools of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8.

    The redesigned Welcome Screen notifies you when new content, application updates and learning resources are available. Kick start your creativity with over 10, clipart images and more than 2, vehicle templates for your designs and projects. Choose from an extensive font selection that contains over 1, professional fonts, plus popular designs. The new Product Details page in the Welcome screen keeps you up-to-date on the suite and your user account.

    One low annual payment provides automatic updates with the latest features and applications. Having control of your organization's software licensing is a key part of running a successful business. Corel provides significant licensing flexibility for larger organizations in the commercial, government and academic spaces, offering real solutions for your unique needs. Toggle navigation Menu. Download Instructions. Upgrade Eligibility. Comprehensive Enjoy professional applications to produce any design or photo project.

    Creative Explore versatile, intuitive tools to express your unique style and impress your audience. Productive Rely on industry-leading file format compatibility and faster processing to make complex workflow tasks more efficient. Innovative Stay on the cutting-edge of design technology and enrich your creative journey with the best state-of-the-art tools.

    User-friendly Enjoy an easy, top-of-the-line, seamless design experience with a tailormade interface and unmatched customization capabilities. Open an expansive toolbox of versatile applications Whatever your creative passion, talents or interests, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite delivers a collection of complementary powerful applications, from photo editor to font manager, to satisfy all your design needs and delight your audience. Design with efficiency Unleash your creative potential with versatile, high-caliber tools to express your unique style and delight your audience.

    Output with ease Deliver professional-quality output that will make a lasting impression across any medium. What do our passionate users say? Maycon Bartowski, Brazil "I like the improvements so far. Mark Wallader, Australia "It's more user-friendly, intuitive and more precise. Especially if you are a student. Industry-acclaimed graphic design and photo editing suite CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is packed with many high-caliber tools for graphics, illustration, layout, tracing, photo editing, font management and more.

    Creative Empower your creativity with versatile design tools to express your unique style and delight your audience. Symmetry drawing mode Create a range of symmetrical designs, from simple objects to complex kaleidoscopic effects in real time, and boost your productivity by automating what is usually a very time-consuming workflow.

    Block Shadow tool Add solid vector shadows to objects and text with this interactive feature that reduces the time getting a file ready for output.

    Graphic Design Software – CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

    LiveSketch tool Sketch and design on the fly! Align and distribute nodes Align and distribute nodes using the bounding box of a selection, the page edge or center, the closest grid line, or a specified point. Corner control in dashed lines and outlines Gain more control over the appearance of corners in objects, text, and symbols that use dashed lines in CorelDRAW Impact tool Give your designs a little more spark!