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It's about doing things quickly and efficiently, to allow an editor to insert the appropriate information into a title without having to make a dozen mouse clicks to get from the timeline to the point of typing in someone's name. This interest in speed and convenience continues into the user interface itself, which clearly makes a lot of use of the graphics hardware common to modern workstations it's available for both Mac and Windows machines.

The way it's been done demonstrates an understanding of what's actually important: Within that, it's not absolutely lightning fast, but it's faster than most dedicated motion graphics software. There are too many tools to go through each one in detail, but the timeline-based user interface will be familiar enough to most people to dive in and start achieving something more or less immediately.

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It does a good enough job of using de-facto industry standard keyboard shortcuts and UI cues JKL transport controls, checkerboard backgrounds to indicate transparency, that sort of thing to make for a gentle learning curve. Text and graphical elements appear as layers and can receive effects and lighting.

There are the usual compositing options and, new to this version, the ability to use objects to cut holes in the alpha channel of the title and reveal things behind. The compositor is fully three-dimensional with all the lighting and camera options we'd expect to make it useful. Another new feature that's particularly nice is the ability to visually preview the undo history by hovering over it — the state of the project as recorded by a particular history entry is then displayed.

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It's very good thinking; all software should do this. So that's the motion graphics designer. The actual art capability is really best demonstrated visually and we've included the company's own video below. What's really important, though, is that a task-specific titler is actually a fairly rare butterfly in the current world of hugely capable nonlinear editors. Since preexisting software does so much, the key capabilities of a piece of software such as Titler Pro are as much its tools and workflow as the ability to dress up moving words.

NewBlueFX Titler Pro 6: an incredibly fast and easy way to create titles

Something that's new to the Ultimate edition of version 6 is a feature that'll be warmly received by anyone used to the round trip between Premiere and After Effects: Titler Pro itself doesn't have anything like the feature set of After Effects, but that's not really its purpose. The idea, it seems, is very specifically to keep things fast and easy to use, avoiding the need to deal with a huge piece of visual effects software simply to animate someone's name. Either way, AE enthusiasts can now create templates and use them with the ease and convenience of a Titler Pro preset.

As we've said, though, Titler Pro is at least as much about workflow as it is about effects, and the workflow benefits are many. Anyone locked in a dark room pushing out five YouTube videos a day, or producing interstitial packages for daily broadcasts, or any other application where the in-tray piles up high and fast, will find it very useful.

Using NewBlue Titler 3 with Wirecast

Never afraid to speak his mind, and always worth listening to, he's a frequent contributor to RedShark. You are here: NewBlue Video Essentials 4 Wert: NewBlue TotalFX delivers over presets in plugins in our most comprehensive collection of autodesk revit architecture discount titling, transitions and video effects.

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